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3 Simple Tips For Getting Along With Your Kids


Nobody ever said that parenting is easy. 

In fact—it isn’t. 

For many of us, parenthood is a ‘right of passage.’ 

It’s something we do when we come of age and decide that we want to enjoy greater depth and meaning in life. 

It’s also something that you may consider so that you don’t end up ‘lonely’ in your older years. 

Having a close-knit family is actually very important. 

But when those kids are young, it can be difficult to figure out how to get them to listen to you for long enough to get along. 

Well, in this post, you’re going to learn 3 tips that may help you to get better results from your parental relationship with your child. 

Let’s dive into it. 

1. Make Rules Simple

Setting limits and being consistent with discipline are cornerstone behaviors of successful parenting

But some people just take this too far, in the sense that they make the rules far too complicated. 

Kids are pretty simple. They need to know what the boundaries are so that they can figure out how to have fun and explore without getting into trouble. 

With this being said, it’s crucial to keep the rules simple. 

For example—we talked to one set of parents who only had 3 actual ‘rules’ for their household. 

  1. Always listen to mom and dad
  2. No physical fighting
  3. Your assigned space must be clean before bed

These rules were pretty simple. And as a result, the kids always knew what they were supposed to do. 

2. Be Clear And Consistent

Some parents struggle to lead their children because they’re either constantly ‘barking’ orders in rapid succession, or because they’re not following up when their kids don’t listen. 

When rules aren’t straightforward, clear, and concise—it becomes difficult for children to follow them. 

And when parents don’t consistently enforce the rules—the kids won’t know which rules are serious, and which ones can be ignored. 

And this creates a ton of issues, causes kids and parents to get stressed out, and basically makes it more difficult for children to understand whether or not rules are even important. 

3. Invest In Your Kids

It’s obvious that kids need to spend time with grownups in order to learn how to be effective in life. 

And as a parent, you can help to set your kids up for success by showing them that you’re willing to spend time with them and invest in them. 

You can invite them to partake in voluntary chore activities with you, invite them to help you with ‘grownup’ stuff like creating grocery lists, fixing the car, washing the windows, etc. And/or you can just spend some time explaining the facts of life to them in a clear, cohesive fashion. 

This kind of stuff really matters to kids. 

And honestly, it plays a huge role in kids feeling like they’re getting adequate love and attention. 

It also empowers them to grow up more successful in life. 

Following these 3 tips will doubtlessly empower you to have a better relationship with your kids. 

Go ahead and give them a try! 

Good luck.


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