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The Skyrocketing Demand for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

With increasing concern over global warming, it is no surprise that the demand for electric vehicles has grown. 2021 was a year we won’t likely forget anytime soon, but at least progress was made when sales for electric and hybrid cars rose exponentially. With the support of the Biden administration, the United States is looking to reduce its carbon footprint by funding the creation of electric vehicles and the infrastructure needed to make them more accessible to everyone. Accessibility is what we need to make this work.

There are still many issues with the EV industry, though. Hyunjoo Jin of Reuters makes a fair point of this, claiming, “While the likes of Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) and Ford Motor Co (F.N) pushed for electric vehicle sales, Asian automakers boosted hybrid vehicle line-ups, as many customers still shun EVs due to higher prices, limited driving range or lack of charging stations.”

Hybrids offer a good compromise for those concerned about the climate but feel that fully electric vehicles don’t fit their needs. On top of being marketed to make people want to do better for our planet, EVs are advertised as a luxury, giving consumers that high-status feeling that drives people to buy.



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