The Advantages of Buy Now Pay Later

When it comes to spending money, it’s not just about what you’re buying but also how you’re paying for it.

For many consumers, finding ways to save money on purchases they need or want makes sense, whether it’s through the purchase itself or by the way the purchase is paid for.

Just as the name suggests, buy now pay later gives you the opportunity to purchase an item today, but pay for it over time instead of at checkout1. Also known as buy now pay later financing, this approach offers some advantages over traditional payment options that you might find worthwhile if you need to save money on any kind of large purchase or are planning on paying off credit card debt quickly. Read on to learn about the advantages of buy now pay later and whether it’s right for your financial situation.

Introduction to Buy Now Pay Later
This guide is for consumers who are interested in taking advantage of buy now pay later options. If you’re looking to save money, it can be tempting to put off purchases that you don’t immediately have cash for. But when you break down your purchase into installments, or payments, at least a portion of it will be interest-free—often up to 12 months. This can make it easier for many people to afford large purchases—without racking up interest fees or causing other damage to their personal finances2. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or need a gift idea, consider these benefits and drawbacks before making a buy now pay later decision.

Buy now pay later can come in especially useful for large purchases like electronics or holiday shopping.

How Does it Work?
One of the best features about buy now pay later is that it allows you to save money on items you have been wanting. Many customers may not have enough money saved up to pay for all products at once so they are forced to choose between paying full price or waiting until they have more money. This can take weeks or even months depending on your income and monthly expenses. With buy now pay later there is no need to wait!

With buy now pay later, the customer pays for a small portion of the purchase up front. Then, there is a series of installment payments to pay for the rest of the item. The payments are typically once a month and interest-free. Be mindful of your installment payments, if you fall behind on payments interest rates and late fees may incur . Big retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, Target, and Best Buy offer buy now pay later options. The list goes on of other retailers who also offer buy now pay later options. Keep a lookout when you are online shopping for the feature.

Where Are You Likely To See Buy Now Pay Later?
When you shop online, you’re more likely to see buy now pay later options at checkout. The buyer doesn’t need to put down a large amount of money upfront; they just need to make a minimum purchase and then agree to pay over time. Most major retailers offer some sort of option for buyers at checkout, so look for it when checking out. Make sure that you understand your individual payment terms before making your purchase; otherwise, you could end up with a surprise bill coming in months or even years later.

There are several major companies providing buy now pay later options such as Affirm4, Afterpay5, and Klarna6. These companies partner with retailers to provide payment services.

Stay on Top of Buy Now Pay Later Payments
Stay on top of your buy now pay later payments. A large number of retailers offer buy now pay later options, and many customers are utilizing these services to make purchases they may not have been able to otherwise afford. These types of programs can be helpful for many consumers, but you’ll want to stay on top of your payment schedule so that you don’t fall behind and start incurring finance charges.

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