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Republicans and Democrats Clash Over Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Plan


Joe Biden has had a really tough time during his first few months to generate enough support from members within his own party to sufficiently pass legislation for infrastructure. He wants to spend trillions of dollars with this legislation that will fix roads, enhance public transportation, and improve the quality of construction at international airports across the country.

At the same time, spending has gotten out of control ever since the pandemic started in March of 2020, and Republicans are doing everything in their power to restrict spending. All of their counteroffers to Biden’s administration have been under one trillion dollars, a number that seemingly is far too low for any democrat to accept at this moment in time.

With previous rescue packages for stimulus checks and unemployment benefits, there was an eventual hope that both sides would agree. That ultimately never happened with the ‘American Rescue Plan’, but it wasn’t necessary. Democrats used every resource from their bag of tricks to pass it without a single Republican vote in the Senate. 

The same pathway is not available for the infrastructure plan and according to Biden’s advisors, he will soon change his course and find out a new way to negotiate a deal to implement his infrastructure plan. How exactly will he go about doing that? Well, that’s pretty unclear at the moment, but several advisors from Biden’s administration have claimed that Biden will do everything within his power to focus on infrastructure in the near future. 

More counteroffers between the Democrats and Republicans can be expected in the coming days and weeks, but it still seems relatively unlikely that the legislation will pass without some additional agreements forged from both political parties. 


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