Khloe Kardashian Solicits Backlash with ‘Habibi Love’ Instagram Photo


Khloe Kardashian sent her Instagram followers into a frenzy on Tuesday when she shared a photo of herself sporting a niqab and hijab – garments worn by women in the Muslim community to cover their face and head – during her current trip to Dubai.

In the snapshot, which she captioned, “Habibi Love,” only Kardashian’s eyes are visible through her all-black ensemble.

The image, however, did not sit well with many of her followers.

“I have never been more offended in my whole entire life,” one commenter wrote. “My sister wears the niqab and she gets vilified daily. You can wear it and it gets sexualized and praised. I am deeply offended and was a fan of yours. I am disgusted.”

Image via Instagram/khloekardashian

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