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Kamala Harris Campaigns For Gavin Newsom In Final Days Before Recall Election


With approximately one week remaining before election day in the 2021 Recall Election of California’s Governor Gavin Newsom, the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, traveled to California and campaigned with Newsom for several hours in an effort to try and convince voters to vote ‘no’ on their ballot.

Millions of Californians are sick and tired of the political issues that continue to harm daily life in the ‘golden state’ on the west coast. Record levels of homelessness, record gas prices, high taxes, and a worker shortage in the middle of a pandemic that has been filled with hypocrisy from the governor has resulted in millions of citizens signing a petition to try and remove Newsom from office.

Recent polls show a tightening race and the Republican challenger has a realistic chance of becoming Governor of California if more than 50% of voters cast a ballot that says ‘yes’ to recall Newsom.

You can travel throughout various areas of California and see signs pinned up on the side of highways and bridges that call for the Governor to be recalled. Some are angry about his hypocrisy, while others are simply angry because California is facing several issues, including wildfires, water shortages, power outages, high taxes and more.

It’s unclear if Kamala Harris’ visit will impact the race. Many political observers believe that California’s voters have already made up their mind on whether to vote in favor of the recall. Joe Biden is also expected to travel out to California in an effort to try and save Newsom in the final days.

On September 14th, polls will close in the evening and California will begin counting millions of ballots from across the statewide jurisdiction. It’s possible that Newsom will survive his recall and safely return to his duties as Governor of California as more and more of his own citizens doubt his ability to lead. On the other side of the spectrum, it’s also possible that so many California voters are sick and tired of Newsom’s leadership that they might be willing to take a chance on Republican leadership for the remainder of Newsom’s term. 


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