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Biden Expects To Make One Final Push For His Infrastructure Agenda


There have been talks going on for quite some time in regards to a massive and bold infrastructure bill that Biden wants to bring to the American public, but it’s not receiving enough Democratic or Republican support to sufficiently make its way through congress.

The corporate tax rate among other factors have played a role in the negotiations, but some members of congress simply think the provisions within the legislation are not ideal, or the price tag is simply too large. 

A final push with Democratic members of congress are expected to take place, according to several members within the Biden administration. Whether or not this ‘push’ is successful, remains to be seen.

Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, has already told every member of his party within the Senate that they all need to be onboard in order for Biden’s agenda to go anywhere. Members within his party like Joe Manchin from West Virginia hold an incredible amount of power by not going along with a partisan agenda that avoids all contact and compromise with the opposing Republican party.  

Biden and his administration arrive at a moment in time where they are facing grid lock if compromises can’t be made. Whether they can navigate this maze and find a way to be productive so that an infrastructure bill can pass, well that’s probably a bit unlikely. Democrats may be better trying to compromise for a lower price tag so that they can at least get something done, rather than experiencing gridlock with both chambers of congress in their minor majority.


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