Alanis Morissette Is Determined To Beat Postpartum Depression


Alanis Morissette always dreamed of being a mother, but she wasn’t prepared for the crippling postpartum depression that would take over her life after the births of son Ever, 6, and daughter Onyx, 14 months. Determined to remove the stigma, she continues to talk openly about her battle.

“It’s very isolating… It had me question everything,” the singer says of PPD. “There are days I’m debilitated to the point where I can barely move.”

Stricken with physical pain, insomnia and “horrifyingly scary” visions of her family being harmed, Morissette fights back with a combination of medication and exercise.

“I just know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel,” she says.

Image via Flickr/jimpop

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