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Russell Wilson and Ciara Vacation in Italy for Their 5-Year Anniversary


Russell Wilson is setting a new standard for romance. Russell surprised Ciara with a trip for two to Italy for their 5-year wedding anniversary. The two took on the canals of Venice with big smiles on their faces.

The football quarterback took his wife on a romantic vacation to Venice to celebrate their love after a whole 5-years of marriage. The two shared special moments together, all while looking as good and happy as ever.

Ciara and Wilson got married on July 6th, 2016, after four months of being engaged. Ciara has a son from a previous relationship with rapper Future, but Russell has proven time and time again that he loves him as his own and would do anything for him. The couple also now has two children of their own since being married.

The happy family spends a lot of quality time together, from spectating Russells football games, to quality time at home. However, this time it was time for the parents to get away and spend some alone time with one another. And what better place for a special getaway than the heart of romance, Venice, Italy?

Their trip was filled with gondola rides, good eats, and dressing to the nines. The couple had frequent outfit changes, often stepping out in outfits better than the last. Russell Wilson has his own clothing line brand called ‘Good Man’, so he was seen sporting that. Ciara wore beautiful, tight fitting jumpsuits, leather dresses, and all white blazers, looking amazing as ever.

Ciara said she had no idea they were taking a trip to Italy. It all happened after Russell surprised her and said, “Pack your bags… We’re going to Italy.” Obviously, no one says no to that, especially when your husband is Russell Wilson and he definitely has the best imaginable trip planned.

It seems it was all worth it; the two were not shy with sharing stunning photos of their amazing trip on Instagram. They both posted their fair share of snapshots from their Venice trip. Russell Wilson even posted a sweet sentiment to his wife expressing how much he loves Ciara after 5-years of marriage, along with adorable candids of the two enjoying an Italian dinner.

There’s no doubt that Ciara and Russell Wilson are a power couple. From her incredible dance moves, to his unbeatable plays on the field, the two are extremely talented. Turns out, they can do it all! They have impeccable fashion and an insane amount of love to share with one another.


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