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Jennifer Lopez Removes Trace of Alex Rodriguez From her Instagram


We all know Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are a thing of the past, especially with Jennifer’s rekindled flame with Ben Affleck. However, J. Lo has taken the final step in the moving on process and has deleted all pictures/videos of A-Rod from her Instagram grid. 

Jennifer Lopez recently deleted all evidence of her past relationship with Rodriguez from her Instagram. She has finally decided it’s time to clean out her social media page and close out the chapter of A-Rod once and for all.

While there was really no hope of the two getting back together after their separation despite the photos still up on Instagram, this last move puts the nail in the coffin. If her relationship with Ben Affleck wasn’t enough of a sign that she has moved on, well then this definitely is.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were engaged at the beginning of this year after dating for 4 years, but their relationship had taken a turn for the worse. While it was never disclosed what the couple was having issues over, they were simply not in a good place.

The two had tried to repair their relationship, but ultimately decided it was not going to work out. They went their separate ways and called off their engagement back in April of this year. 

J-Lo moved on fairly quickly and started spending a lot of time with her previous fiance, Ben Affleck. Jennifer and Ben were engaged back in the early 2000’s, but it didn’t work out for them at the time either. However, a few decades later, the two are now happily back together.

This making A-Rod and J-Lo history once and for all. Jennifer seems to be fully committed to Affleck and even went as far as erasing A-Rod’s existence from her social media pages. That’s not anything out of the ordinary though because most people decide to do that after a break up.

Most people, except A-Rod. Yes, Rodriguez still has all of his pictures from his relationship with J-Lo up on his Instagram. However, who knows how long they will be up there if A-Rod decides to retaliate. For the time being though, he has decided to keep them.

Lopez has also unfollowed A-Rod on Instagram, but A-Rod remains a loyal IG follower and hasn’t hit the unfollow button just yet. 

Possibly A-Rod is just unbothered and doesn’t pay any mind to social media in that way, or he does not want to make it seem like there is any bad blood. Either way, the two seem to be moved on and the reminder of A-Rod and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship seems to dwindle away with each post that gets erased.


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