Melanie Griffith Reveals She Suffers From Epileptic Seizures


Melanie Griffith shared a very personal health struggle on October 18 while sitting on a panel at the Women’s Brain Health Initiative.

“I had this major grand mal seizure, and they took me to the hospital in Cannes and then brought me back to the boat,” she recalled about her 2011 trip to the film festival. “And then I had another seizure and I went back. They did the EEG and started to look at it seriously. When I came back (to the United States), I was diagnosed with epilepsy and nobody had said to me over a period of 20 years, no one paid enough attention to even diagnose me.”

Griffith says reducing stress has helped her to remain seizure-free for three years now.

Image via Flickr/FICAfestival

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