Jamie Foxx Speaks Out About Video Showing His Alleged Attack in L.A. Restaurant


On January 8, TMZ released shocking video footage, which allegedly shows actor Jamie Foxx being attacked by a restaurant patron in a Los Angeles eatery. One day later, Foxx, 49, took to Instagram to share his side of the story.

“I know you all heard about this s–t, man,” Foxx said in the video, which showed him holding a towel over one eye. “Saw some videos. I just wanted to address what happened from my perspective.”

The Sleepless star then removed the towel to reveal a fake crossed eye. “I’m just f–king with y’all, man. Everybody’s good. 2017. We don’t want no violence. We don’t want to get hurt.”

Image via Flickr/sonypicturesespana

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