Zoe Saldana’s BESE App Will Celebrate Diversity in Hollywood


Zoe Saldana is launching a new social media platform to support her mission of empowering the next generation of people of color in Hollywood. The app, called BESE, has been a passion project with her husband, Marco Perego.

”It is important for us to reflect on all kinds of role models and trailblazers that we’ve had past and present,” Saldana, 39, explained. “Because one thing that’s for certain, especially given this box office record breaking hit with Black Panther, is that we need heroes. We need role models that reflect who we are in order for us to cultivate inspiration.”

The Star Trek star says she hopes to inspire positive change in her industry by shining a light on diverse stories not typically heard.

“I’m impacted every day by these voices,” she says.

Image via Flickr/loquaciousmuse

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